This Wedding Season, Make Smart Choices With Habitt

Decisions…decisions. A wedding is a momentous occasion and its shopping is a mammoth task. Anyone who’s ever been at the helm of a desi wedding shopping can testify that there is nothing more daunting and exhausting. Whether it’s for your children, sibling, or your wedding, wedding shopping in this part of the world is all about making the right decisions.
However, we all can agree that you hit the bull's eye if you get furniture shopping right. After all, at the end of the day, your room is your haven of comfort. Thus, people tend to spend a great deal of time scrutinizing any wedding furniture design, style, or brand.
Now, the catch here is that, with a myriad of available options and an impending time crunch, what do we choose?  What bed design do we go for? Do we go for a wooden headboard or an upholstered one? Will a wall quaint or Victorian headboard design suit the aesthetics we’re aiming for, or is a contemporary design the better choice?
Having many options may sound appealing, however, when you're put on a spot, choosing from a myriad of options leaves you debilitated. Thus, Habitt identified this existing dilemma of the masses and, as always, decided to cater to their needs.
Every year Habitt launches its carefully curated Wedding Packages, however, this year Habitt decided to go a step beyond and hasn’t just launched eight different wedding packages but also chose to offer floorings, paints, curtains, and lights along with interior design services- courtesy of Habitt Bazaar. But that’s not all, this year you will be able to purchase our Wedding Packages at 0% markup in six months’ installments. Oh, and the cherry on top? You get exciting discounts, gift cards, and gift vouchers with each package. Habitt will do all the work for you so that you can focus on making memories.
Each package gives you complete bedroom sets consisting of a designer bed, a bedside table, and a stellar dresser. Our focus this year has been on following contemporary trends in bed design in Pakistan. We aim to create a modern, chic, trendy, and classy bedroom space for you. However, our wedding furniture isn’t just easy on the eyes but also ensures durability, strength, and longevity.
So, presenting to you eight of our unique wedding packages each adding its flair and creating a peculiar ambiance in your bedroom:

Harry Package:

Curated with a combination of oak and plywood, our Harry series comes in two color-toned beds and wall-attached side tables. Representing strength and sturdiness in a minimalistic and modern design pattern. Shop Now

Kenton Package

Made to fill your room space with class and modernity. Kenton is our series of king-sized beds that are composed of laminated wood and a rod iron frame. Shop Now

Carter Package

Our Carter series is made with the finest quality laminated wood. Bringing you illustrious Midnight black colored beds that exude class and finesse. Shop Now

Arthur Package

The Arther series: Representing magnificence and regality in Black and Jacobean color tones. Shop Now

Hendrick Package

Presenting to you, our Hendrick series. Crafted with a combination of oak and plywood, its dark brown finish and simplistic design patterns make it the perfect fit for all bedroom designs. Shop Now

Jordan Package

Giving the timeless Victorian pattern a contemporary spin. Jordan comes in a striking finish with neutral hues, filling the space with pristine elegance. Shop Now

Sapphire Package

Opulent and unique. The Sapphire series creates an ambiance of luxury with its combination of oak, plywood, and premium quality fawn-toned fabric. Shop Now

William Package

Our William series emanates grandiosity with all four sides padded with regal two-toned suede fabric. Blending modern-day design patterns with classic details. Shop Now

So, this Wedding season you don’t need to worry about a thing because we’ve got it all covered for you! Save your effort, and money with our bedroom sets, bundles, promotional offers, and interior design products. Your time is valuable, so,  invest it wisely. Come, shop from us and make the smart choice with Habitt!

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