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Rug Size Guide

by Alina Iftikhar 15 May 2024

Choosing the right size of rug for your room depends on your design objective. A rug can be a focal point or accent. It can unite, extend, or separate a room. The design objective is up to you and how you want the room to function.


The correct rug size will enhance the aesthetic of any living room. Measure and decide on the rug size before selecting the rug design, colour and composition. Opt for the largest size that fits in the space, as it will unify the room and define an open plan space.


  • Select the rug size first.
  • Go big. An inadequately sized rug may cause a room to feel smaller.
  • Opt for a durable wool rug in high-traffic living areas.


The back of the chair legs should always be on the rug, even when being used. For Dining rooms, the rug should always be in proportion to the table. The rug should always accentuate the shape of the table, if you have a round table then choose a round rug. It is best to always leave enough space on either side of the table for chairs to be pulled out. The rug needs to be approximately 1.2m-1.5m wider and longer than a dining table, at least 65-75cm around the perimeter of the table for the chairs to avoid ‘catching’ the back of the rug. The back of the chair legs should always be on the rug, even when being pushed back.


  • The back of the chair legs should always sit on on the rug, even when being pushed back.
  • Go with a rug the same shape as the table - a round table, round rug.
  • Pure wool flat weave rugs are ideal for family dining areas.



Add warmth and softness to a bedroom with hard flooring to make it feel cozier. The rug should be underfoot when someone gets out of bed and large enough to sit underneath the bed and side tables, or just stopping short of the side tables. Another option is a set of custom runners for either side of the bed. Whether you are looking for a rug to go under a King Size Bed, Queen Size Bed or Single bed it's important to measure first.


  • The rug should be underfoot when getting out of bed.
  • Choose a soft, plush rug for barefoot luxury.
  • Wool rugs deflect noise, therefore, Shoes, furniture and toys.
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